This Guy’s In Love With you

I have a girlfriend. That’s something I haven’t been able to say in a long, long time because, well, I’ve been single since almost forever. And yes, the…

brilliant green Tomoko Kawase


I’ve done it! Finally! I have some music from the brilliant green. Woohoooo! For ages I’d only had one of their songs, unable to find more. Then I…

Hervey Bay header photo

Road Trip: Hervey Bay

On Thursday we went to Hervey Bay. We’d been planning to go there for some time now, but never got the chance to go. Then last week, I…

Tweaking Header Photo

A Few Tweaks

Hey! It’s Sunday night/Monday morning, and I was kinda thinking… this template, it has no footer/sidebar on the mobile. So it took a bit of research on WordPress.com’s…

Shopping at IKEA

Shopping at IKEA

I had the weekend off. Yay! Finally! And the plan was to watch the Formula 1. Unfortunately, I have no TV antenna. And I have no proper Internet…

aisu kuriimu

Ice Cream Scream

Hi! Wow, I’ve sure neglected this blog over the past few months. I haven’t meant to, it’s just happened that way. You see, I’ve been busy going on holidays,…

Tunes of the Week

KPP Best, by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

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