aisu kuriimu

Ice Cream Scream

Hi! Wow, I’ve sure neglected this blog over the past few months. I haven’t meant to, it’s just happened that way. You see, I’ve been busy going on holidays,…


Aww Geez, I Have To Move Home Again

Moving Home. Upon returning home from M’s graduation the other day, I was notified by my housemate (and owner of the house) that she’s moving south, and will…

Sanpatsu 散髪

So I Had A Haircut

Hiya! I had a haircut last weekend. For the last 20 years, I’ve mostly done it at home with a set of Kambrook’s finest cheapest, opting for a number…

Good Morning Call

Netflix of the Week: グッドモーニングコール

Edit: 26 October, 2016 This was originally posted a few months ago, but I’ve since zapped all the old posts and have watched the rest of the series….

oishii biiru

My First Beer In Eons

 When did the Bulldogs win the premiership? Three and a half weeks ago, now? How time flies! I briefly mentioned yesterday that I wrote off the Bulldogs just…


Okaeri~ Dobondobondo is back!

I’m back. Wow. For a while I became bored with blogging, and didn’t really do anything eventful that was worth blogging. And it’s pretty much the same, though…