She's Gone

She’s Gone

I’m so sad and lonely. Misa-chan has gone back to Japan.  About 20 hours ago we said goodbye with a kiss and hug, and I also shed a…

So I Went On Holidays

What is it now, late August? Wow. I’ve been so busy with work and sleep that I haven’t had time to post anything here for a while. Anyways,…


This Guy’s In Love With you

I have a girlfriend. That’s something I haven’t been able to say in a long, long time because, well, I’ve been single since almost forever. And yes, the…

brilliant green Tomoko Kawase


I’ve done it! Finally! I have some music from the brilliant green. Woohoooo! For ages I’d only had one of their songs, unable to find more. Then I…

Hervey Bay header photo

Road Trip: Hervey Bay

On Thursday we went to Hervey Bay. We’d been planning to go there for some time now, but never got the chance to go. Then last week, I…

Tweaking Header Photo

A Few Tweaks

Hey! It’s Sunday night/Monday morning, and I was kinda thinking… this template, it has no footer/sidebar on the mobile. So it took a bit of research on’s…

Tunes of the Week

Awesome City Tracks 4, by Awesome City Club.

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